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Area Managers & Guards

All off-site personnel can access their own records and the records of others if you allow it. This enables them to view their own shifts, timetables, pay and overtime - creating a better staff environment and reducing time-wasting pay disputes and disagreements.

For area managers, they can take full responsibility for their areas and have all information at hand to run their teams. And, again, because they access NetRoster through any web connection they can perform their duties on the move. That's less time in the office and more time in the field where your business is won and lost!

Control & Administration

Besides the common planning and rostering functionality required in any good security control system, NetRoster's comprehensive Control Desk also provides several features to help your controllers & administration staff provide a better service whilst working more efficiently.

Guard holiday & absence management.
Incident reports emailed to appropriate personnel instantly and automatically.
Fast ad-hoc shift amendments, deletions and guard reassignments.
Sub-contractor self-billing.
Live, real-time logins, check-calls and log-offs from onscreen.
Integrated mapping to every customer site.
Management Tools
NetRoster provides your management team with a wealth of crucial information, all based on real-time data. The system contains a simple to use query system with more than 25 standard reports allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse as and when you need it. Reports include all the information you need to run your business - schedules, sales, overheads and profitability - wherever you are and whenever you want it.


NetRoster's AutoCall facility allows your guards to book on and off, and make their check calls from any telephone. With full caller ID available they simply dial in and enter their unique code to clock-on and off duty automatically. Not only does this take the pressure off your control room, but reduces data entry errors and inefficiencies. It also eradicates timesheet fixing, tampering and, with the new camera phones, "clock-in buddy" issues. All non-urgent incident reporting can also be easily logged using standard codes.

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